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 The Many Faces of Residential High Speed Internet

Written by: USaveDSL Staff - December 18, 2014

USaveDSL is a broker representing a large number of High Speed Internet providers. Some are DSL providers, some are Cable Modem Service providers and some are Satellite Internet providers. All offer services for the residential market as well as for businesses. This article will briefly explain some differences between these services.

DSL is shorthand for Digital Subscriber Loop. It is a high-speed data service that operates over telephone lines. The service can be provided by your local telephone company or by an independent provider leasing lines from the telephone company. DSL uses frequencies much higher than voice frequencies to transmit the data between your home or business and the Internet. The DSL service has no affect on your telephone service. Some DSL services can provide speeds up to 3.0Mbps(Million Bits Per Second). But, there are limitations. Generally, your home or business must be within approximately 3 miles of the telephone companies Central Office (CO). The further you are away from the CO, the slower your DSL speeds will be.

Satellite Internet Service is available throughout the US. Home speeds are generally rated at 700Kbps but can slow to 500Kbps during peak times. Business speeds are 1.5Mbps and can slow to 800Kbps during peak time. Satellite Internet Services have a disadvantage compared to land based Internet services. Because the signal must travel to a satellite and back to ground, a distance of approximately 45,000 miles, the packet latency is high-about a half second. Because of this, Satellite Internet Service is not appropriate for some gaming services and for VOIP services.

Cable Modem Service is available from most larger cable TV companies. The service provider is the cable television company. The access speeds provided by the cable high-speed service is typically the fastest available to the residential market. The standard speeds today are typically 3 to 6Mbps. Some providers are starting to offer services as fast as 12Mbps in some markets. Portions of the distribution system are shared between a number of subscribers. At times during busy time frames, speed may be slowed somewhat. Even at that, generally Cable Modem Service is faster than DSL or satellite Internet systems. Many of our Cable Modem Service providers offer what has been called a triple play that is available through this site. The triple play includes cable television service and telephone service including the High-Speed Internet service.

 Double and Triple Plays

Written by: USaveDSL Staff - December 18, 2014

High Speed Internet, Cable TV and Digital Phone services bundled all into one package. Welcome to the world of the Triple Play of telecom. Now, you can gain huge savings by combining these residential services into one account. Our providers are offering fantastic discounts that almost amount to getting one of the services free when you take advantage of the Triple Plays being offered today.

If you make a lot of long distance calls, these packages are perfect for you. Most Digital Phone Services in the Double and Triple Plays include free unlimited long distance calling to all US and Canadian phone numbers. So, on top of the package discounts, you save even more money on the long distance calls. And, many first class features such as Caller ID, Voice Mail with Web Access, 3-Way Calling and Anonymous Call Blocking are included free of charge.

Already have Cable TV? Not a problem. Use our search engine to add the High Speed Internet and Digital Phone service to your account and start saving today.

 How do I find the best DSL Provider?

Written by: USaveDSL Staff - December 18, 2014

Think about using a broker. A broker will help you identify important facts about your new service, in addition to limiting the amount of your efforts. When you look for new services, check for extra charges like equipment and installation. In some cases these are waived and sometimes not. Carefully check to see if there is a contract commitment and if so, how long. Sometimes this will be one year and sometimes it can be two years. Often companies will offer big discounts but lock you in to a much longer contract. Be sure you don't get caught. Always know what you are getting into by going to a broker and compare several High Speed Internet Providers side-by-side.

Another thing to watch out for is the introductory price. Many times High Speed Internet Providers may claim to provide service for only $20 or $25 per month. But it is likely this is an introductory price only lasting a few months. If you are agreeable to the length of the term, make sure you know how long the introductory rate lasts and what you will be paying when the introductory rate ends.

A broker can help you negotiate the pathway to your new broadband Internet Service. USaveDSL provides this brokerage service at no charge to and with no obligation.

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